Jonah Hill's Supermediocre Episode of 'SNL'

03.11.12 6 years ago 29 Comments

I wouldn’t go so far as to say last night’s “SNL,” with Jonah Hill as the host and the Shins as the musical guest, was bad. More like, it was disappointing. Few people expected the Lindsay Lohan episode to be good, and it wasn’t. No surprise there. But I had high hopes for last night because despite the existence of Get Him to the Greek, I like Jonah Hill (who, it must be said, gained a lot of his previously-lost weight back); his fast-talking comedic style works perfectly for “SNL,” and for the most part, he did well. It’s just that, like so many times before, the writing wasn’t very good, with sketches dragged out for minutes longer than they should have.

What did you guys think? Am I being too harsh? I can’t be TOO upset at a show that features an extended tribute to Coolio’s “I’ll C U When U Get There,” which of course isn’t “officially” online due to stupid copyright issues. But, seriously, watch it here. A+++ Just a reminder: “SNL” is away until April 7, when Sofía Vergara (!) hosts.

Reason #63,983 Why “The Daily Show” Is Better at Politics Than “SNL”: they’re not afraid of and relish the opportunity to DESTROY Rush Limbaugh. “SNL” had the chance, and instead came up with a pointless parody of his sponsors leaving him. (Plus, it was oddly reminiscent of Jason Sudeikis’s strip club PA sketch.)

Has “SNL” had more unannounced guest stars this season than any other in recent memory? In this episode: Tom Hanks, who’s done saving 9/11 or whatever that movie was about, and John McEnroe, who I’m pretty sure NBC keep in a broom closet somewhere, only to bring him out when he’s needed for a brief scene. As for the monologue, itself: meh. There’s nothing revelatory about someone’s ego increasing after they’ve been nominated for an Oscar. Kristen Wiig should have responded to Jonah being a dick with, “Oh yeah, well, Allen Gregory.”

This sketch is a lot funnier when you imagine Adam Grossman as a six-year-old version of Alan Shemper from “Wet Hot American Summer.” I WENT TO CAMP SO LONG THAT FU*KING JESUS CHRIST WAS MY COUNSELOR! It wasn’t all bad, though: Hill did a wonderful job with his delivery, and it’s nice to see a guest star given an entire sketch to himself. Bill Hader and the rest had barely anything to do.

It worked on…so few levels.

I was really hoping for a sketch where Jonah Hills plays Zach Braff, and James Mercer of the Shins confronts him for giving his band the “it’ll change your life” tag. Alas.

Hoombas! Catching up on “Boston Legal”! That fat Hawaiian guy nobody invited! Shaun White or Bonnie Raitt! God I love Stefon, and appreciate it that much more when it’s surrounded by this crap:

NO NO NO. It’s as if the writers decided the thing that was missing from Jason Segel’s “Andre the Giant Gets an Ice Cream” was that it wasn’t five minutes long. Seriously, did anyone like this?

Until I can find an embeddable version of the Coolio sketch, here’s the “Kenan & Kel” theme song:

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