Jonathan Ames Doesn’t Sound Too Hopeful About A ‘Bored To Death’ Film

Johnathan Ames is busy with Blunt Talk over on Starz, but the ghost of his short-lived HBO show Bored To Death still lingers. There were murmurs about a possible movie back at the end of 2014, but not much has happened in the spotlight since. Most of the actors involved are busy with new work and Ames is clearly fully focused on Blunt Talk with Patrick Stewart. But, he did offer an update on the status of the project in an interview with Zap2It:

“I actually wrote two ‘Bored to Death’ movie scripts. Then [‘Blunt Talk’] kind of took over my life. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that it could yet happen,” Ames says of the movie. “I guess the further time goes on, I guess the chance weakens. I guess if interest remains.”

He continues, “I just have to write a script that I’m really happy with. I thought the first one I wrote I was really happy with, but maybe HBO had issues. I still am contractually obligated to write one more draft, so it could happen.”

Not exactly the best vote of confidence when you’re on your final, contractually obligated script attempt. I can understand, though, especially after the apparent weight of the cancellation on everybody involved in the production. You’d have to feel at the end of your rope a bit — even the actors involved. There just seems to come a point where you just can’t wait anymore, despite any tears that were spilled:

“Jason, Ted and Zach, they all wanted to do it. They all love the show, they love the characters,” Ames says. “They all, at least initially, were completely on board. Now time has passed, their careers are busy, but it could potentially work. They all wanted to do it. Zach cried. When he saw the email that the show was canceled, he cried onto his keyboard, he said.”

Man, that’s kinda depressing. Bored To Death was an interesting and funny show, depending on your mood. It wasn’t too in your face or gut busting, but it had moments and could use a nice conclusion. If Hello, Ladies can get a conclusion as an HBO movie (and Deadwood can be rumored to be on the way), Bored To Death can at least work out something. Thankfully Ames is still producing work, so there’s that. He hasn’t given up.

(Via Zap2It)