‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Jordan Klepper Will Solve America’s Gun Problem In A New Special

The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper, best known for his many hilariously frightening appearances at rallies supporting Donald Trump, is set to get his own Comedy Central show this fall. Before the untitled replacement for Larry Wilmore’s canceled The Nightly Show makes its debut, however, Klepper will attempt to solve America’s gun problem in a new hour-long special titled Jordan Klepper Solves Guns. The one-off program, which “[combines] documentary filmmaking, comedy and investigative journalism,” debuts Sunday, June 11th at 10pm ET.

In an official statement, an in-character Klepper says he “selflessly let people on all sides of the gun debate be interviewed by me, and I was consistently surprised by how much common ground they shared.” As a result, he continues, “This special isn’t just about America’s relationship with guns — it’s about how needlessly toxic the debate around that issue has become. Also, doing my part to bring the country together, I show my ass on television.”

All jokes aside, Jordan Klepper Solves Guns will include interviews with Sen. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), former ATF special agent David Chipman, and former NRA lobbyist Richard Feldman. Klepper also embedded himself with the Georgia Security Force militia — a group that figured prominently among conservative, Second Amendment-focused voters weary of a possible Hillary Clinton presidency — and trained with former Army Special Ops soldier Pat McNamara.

Much of this sounds like the typical hour-long investigative special, especially news magazine shows like Dateline, 20/20 and 60 Minutes — albeit with The Daily Show‘s touch. Yet Klepper, who hails from the Midwestern town of Kalamazoo, Michigan, grew up in what the release describes as the “more soft-spoken voices” of “moderate gun owners” — like his own cousin Pete, whom the comic interviewed for the special.