Jordan Klepper Spoils Chuck Todd’s Biggest Secret In This ‘The Opposition’ Sneak Peak

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09.12.17 2 Comments

Aside from an official title, premiere date, and totally not-the-mainstream teaser, very little is known about what Comedy Central’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper will actually look like. Sure, the outgoing The Daily Show correspondent is modeling himself and the program on Infowars host Alex Jones and other like-minded conspiracy theorists with popular outlets, but what will they do? Will it consist of desk pieces, interviews and field work a la the cable network’s current and previous late night offerings? Or will Klepper’s bombastic persona adopt a more Last Week Tonight or Full Frontal-like approach?

Judging by the latest sneak peak — which sees Klepper traversing the streets of Phoenix, Arizona during President Donald Trump’s bonkers rally last month — The Opposition will definitely put the host’s penchant for excellent field work to good use. After all, if the tall Midwestern comedian can transform several popular gun control pieces from The Daily Show into a standalone special, then he can most assuredly talk to Trump supporters who believe impeaching Hillary Clinton will save the country from chaos. (Yes, this actually happens towards the end of the three-minute clip.) What’s more, Klepper can also use his new platform to reveal MSNBC host Chuck Todd’s biggest, longest and most vile secret — that he actually dons a ponytail.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper premieres Monday, September 25th at 11:30pm ET/PT.

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