Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains To Letterman How Seth Rogen’s Weed Inspired ‘Don Jon’

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09.12.13 6 Comments

It’s pretty good to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Everyone adores you, you’ve made a career of pretty much exclusively starring in excellent films, and when Seth Rogen gives you some next level weed from British Columbia it inspires you to write, direct, and star in a movie where you play a sex addict dating Scarlett Johannson (as opposed to inspiring you to create a dynasty on Madden 14, wrap a mexi-melt in a gordita, etc.).

In the below clip from last night’s Late Show JGL explains how the chronic-enhanced stars aligned and everything about Don Jon came to be. Stick around after Dave gets past his marijuana uncomfortableness to steer the conversation towards the idealistic breakdown of pornographic love idealism versus romantic comedy love. That’s a pro’s segue folks.

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