One Of Josh Duggar’s Alleged Victims Is Preparing A Civil Suit

The Duggar scandal is not going away any time soon: In Touch is reporting that one of the alleged sex abuse victims of Josh Duggar is preparing to file a civil lawsuit against the reality star. Criminal charges could not be filed because the act took place past the statute of limitations. But in this case, a civil suit is still very much an option.

This victim is not being named, but is not one of the members of the Duggar family. The suit could mean that the Duggars and members of their clergy (the ones who “counseled” Josh and his alleged victims) will have no choice but to testify against Josh and won’t have the opportunity to plead the Fifth. That’s the double-edged sword of the statute of limitations; being that Josh Duggar can’t face criminal charges, there’s no risk of self-incrimination, so everyone will have to spill everything they know.

It gets even more awkward because TLC still hasn’t made a final decision on whether they want to renew 19 Kids and Counting, and if the case goes forward, there is a chance that a new season could be airing while that civil trial is going on. Sounds like TLC needs to act soon.

(Via In Touch)