It Seems That Josh Duggar’s Sister Jessa Has Turned Against Him

The hits just keep coming for self-proclaimed hypocrite and porn addict Josh Duggar. In the fallout of his Ashley Madison cheating scandal, despite having owned up to the allegations against him, he was called out as a pig by his brother-in-law and subsequently shipped off to Christian labor camp “rehab.”

Now it appears his actions may be splintering the Duggar family itself, because Josh’s 22-year-old sister and alleged former victim Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) may also be turning her back on her brother, if this tweet of hers from yesterday afternoon is any indication:

The link directs to a blog post written by Jessa’s father-in-law, Michael Seewald, who originally stood alongside his daughter-in-law’s family when the molestation scandal surfaced. But adultery and porn seems to be where he draws the line.

In the lengthy post, in which he calls Josh “a pretender,” he writes:

It distresses me to say that Josh Duggar’s greatest sin is a byproduct of the sum total of his secretly sinful lifestyle. That is, that by his hypocrisy, he blasphemed the name of God. He claimed to be a Christian, but by his deeds he has suggested otherwise. With the name of God on his lips he lived a covert and extensive lifestyle of evil. While proudly saying things like, “Our family is like the epitome of conservative values”, he was looking at porn and soliciting affairs.

Seewald also cites Josh Duggar’s former position at the Family Research Council as further proof of his hypocrisy, and says that he “flourished in the fame of his family and the success of their television show, all the while betraying their trust and Christian values.”

Through everything that happens with this family, the only constant until now is that they’ve always held a united front. So, I don’t know what this means going forward, but you might want to ready the popcorn and 3-D glasses, just in case.

( via Us Weekly)