Josh Duggar Apparently Also Friended A Bunch Of Strippers And Lingerie Models On Facebook

It’s become quite a week for sexual deviancy, am I right? First Jared Fogle pleads guilty to soliciting sex from a minor and now we are apparently getting even more of a glimpse at self proclaimed “hypocrite” Josh Duggar’s double life.

Just recently, the accused child molester admitted to grappling with a debilitating porn addiction while taking part in multiple years of extra-marital affairs behind the back of his wife, Anna. Now, thanks to RadarOnline, we are getting a peek at Duggar’s reported fake Facebook profile and the (fake?) stripper friends he has acquired.

After the details of the Ashley Madison hack went public, Josh admitted to being a member of the site using the email address Of course, the fake Facebook profile in question is also listed under the name Joe Smithson and is registered to that email address above.

Duggar may have admitted to “multiple years,” but how many that means is uncertain. The activity on the Joe Smithson profile dates as far back as 2004, which is four years before Josh and Anna tied the knot. Currently, there are 31 people in Smithson’s friends list and most of them appear to be young attractive women from the Arkansas area, which is where Duggar lived before he moved to Washington, DC to pursue a career in politics.

Most notably, the most recent public activity on the Smithson profile was back in January of 2014. This was about a year after Duggar started working with the Family Research Council.

(Via RadarOnline)