Josh Duggar’s Wife Knew About His Molestation Past Before They Were Married

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Josh Duggar went to rehab yesterday after it came out that on top of molesting five girls when he was a teenager, he had also created an Ashley Madison account and cheated multiples times, including allegedly engaging in “terrifying” sex with a porn star. Now People has the inside scoop of how much Duggar’s wife, Anna, knew. It turns out that she was aware about his molestation past even before they were married.

This is what an anonymous source said to People in explaining what Anna knew: “I don’t think she understood the entirety of what had happened. It was kind of something that was swept under the rug and nobody made a big deal out of it.” In addition, the source continues, Anna wasn’t raised to really understand what sexual abuse was, and that since her parents gave their blessing, she pretty much had to go along with the marriage.

This basically answers why Anna is still with Josh, despite her brother calling him a “pig” on Facebook, as well as begging Anna to leave him. People’s source says that when confronted with Josh Duggar’s infidelity, Anna’s father said that King David also had an extramarital affair. Even more depressing, it’s possible that Anna blames herself, because the Duggar religion says that women are responsible for counseling their husbands through sexual dysfunction or something. Unfortunately, this all points to Anna not leaving, despite having every reason to.

(Via People)