Josh Groban Puts The Best Of Donald Trump’s Tweets To Song On ‘Kimmel’

Did you know that Donald Trump is running for president? Yeah, that’s still happening. Along the way, he’s said and done some bold things that just have not been covered enough in the media. And still manages to lead polls despite all of that.

It’s arguable that the last time someone so brash and so hated by a faction of the public was this successful was Kanye West. It’s with this in mind that Jimmy Kimmel brought back Josh Groban to perform some of The Donald’s most memorable tweets as a sequel of sorts to the time Groban sang the best tweets Kanye had to offer.

Groban sums it up best: “Donald Trump’s tweets will make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, but mostly they’ll make you cry.”

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)