Judd Apatow Tweets Old Interview Of Bill Cosby Describing Dropping A ‘Spanish Fly’ In The Drinks Of Women

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Despite criticism from Kenya Barris, the creator of Black-ish, for railing against Bill Cosby about his rape allegations, Judd Apatow has clearly not let up, talking to Marc Maron earlier this week about the allegations and tweeting out the following link, which includes a 1991 interview in which Cosby revels in the powers of the Spanish Fly.

Here’s the transcript of that clip, between Cosby and Larry King, in case you can’t watch the video:

COSBY: Spanish Fly was the thing that all boys from age 11 on up to death — We will still be searching for Spanish Fly.

KING: [laughs] That’s right.

COSBY: And what was the old- The old story was, if you took a little drop — It was on the head of a-

KING: Pin.

COSBY: -pin! And you put it in a drink-

KING: That’s right. Drop it in her Coca-cola — It don’t matter.

COSBY: It doesn’t make any difference. And the girl would drink it and-

KING: And she’s yours.

COSBY: -‘Hello, America!’

Of course, Cosby has been making jokes about wanting to drug women with the Spanish Fly as far back as 1969.

Meanwhile, in that interview with Maron, Apatow also addressed Kenya Barris’ criticisms, saying that he can understand why someone would say, “‘Why does Judd care about this?’ “I don’t know, I have two daughters. I’m a comedian. I see [Cosby] a little bit as our comedy dad,” Apatow said. “It’s like finding out your comedy dad is a really evil guy.”

Apatow further added that he’s not comfortable with Cosby “running around the country doing stand-up like nothing’s happening” and “using our form and his form [stand-up] to sort of trivialize this thing.” He also admonished the rest of Hollywood for not coming to the defense of the women who are speaking out against Cosby. “There’s nothing fun about being 70 years old and having to go on CNN and say Bill Cosby raped you … I just want to go on record, I believe these women. But you’re not seeing important people say that. It is dead silent out there. And I find it very, very troubling.”

“He should absolutely be in jail. That’s where people who commit sexual assaults go,” Apatow concluded.

Source: WTF