Please Allow This ‘Judge Judy’ Defendant To Incriminate Himself In Only 26 Seconds

09.30.15 4 years ago 10 Comments

The Internet remains a mysterious place, which periodically resurrects old gems that would otherwise fade into television obscurity. Such is the case with this 2010 clip from Judge Judy, which went viral on Wednesday. Never has a court case — even a televised one — concluded with such swift, self-incriminating justice.

This purse-snatching case featured a plaintiff telling Judge Judith Sheindlin how two young defendants ripped away her personal belongings. The young lady details how she lost $50, gift cards, an earpiece, and a calculator. Upon hearing this information, one of the defendants respectfully piped up: “There was no earpiece in there, ma’am.” Perhaps he thought he was being helpful in order to win a few points with the judge. The courtroom tittered in response, and to be honest, this case was lost in 15 seconds, although the Internet gives the defendant the benefit of the doubt for 11 more.

Now, some crazy stuff goes down on Judge Judy on the regular, but Sheindlin couldn’t suppress a laugh. The stony-faced bailiff even gave a brief side-eye as Sheindlin announces, “Dumb and Dumber.” Then she grants judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $500. Oddly, I’d toss a few more dollars on the defendant still not knowing what happened.

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