Judge Judy’s Reaction To Judge Sarah Palin Is Priceless

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Judith Sheindlin and Sarah Palin are both outspoken women with courtroom shows, but the similarities end there. One makes $47 million a year to yell at people named Crystal Methven, and the other is a Donald Trump supporter with a loose grip on reality. In 2008, years before Palin “partnered with a TV producer who discovered… Judge Joe Brown,” Judge Judy was asked for her thoughts on the Alaska governor while surrounded by extras from Goodfellas.

The word “adorable” comes up a few times.

She hasn’t run for office, but she doesn’t seem to have much regard for Palin.

“I think she’s adorable,” Judge Judy, a.k.a. Judy Sheindlin, said in 2008.

Asked whether Palin was qualified, Sheindlin made a face and deflected.

“Ehhh, but I think she’s adorable!” Sheindlin said. (Via)

Never has “adorable” sounded so biting.

Imagine Judy’s reaction when she heard about Palin’s courtroom series, which People described as a “Judge Judy-style reality show.” It was probably something like this. I hope she didn’t take it out on poor Bailiff Byrd. Someone should find and ask her for a quote — today’s either one of the 52 days a year she’s working, or she’s at home, in her solid-gold mansion.

(Via the Washington Post)

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