Judging By The Way He Says Alabama Shakes, Christoph Waltz Is Going To Be Great On 'SNL'

Senior Pop Culture Editor
02.13.13 18 Comments

A partial list of people I’d rather have hosted last week’s SNL than Justin Bieber: One Direction, Charles Rocket, one-half of Los del Río, anyone else in the world. A complete list of people I’d rather see hosting this week’s SNL than Christoph Waltz: Jennifer Lawrence-Alison Brie-me threesome and Leonard. That’s it. What I’m saying is, I am very excited for Christoph Waltz, and his Between Two Ferns appearance only increased said excitement.

Last night, NBC released a series of promos for Saturday’s episode featuring Christ of Waltz with Fred Armisen, and while they’re about as awkward as all SNL promos are, please note the way he says “Alabama Shakes.” It’s positively delectable, which is another phrase I’d go out of my way to hear the silver-tongued devil say.

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