Judy From ‘The Price Is Right’ Is A Warrior



A few things:

  • That woman you see up there in the banner picture is Judy, a contestant on today’s episode of The Price Is Right.
  • Those are not her crutches. Those crutches are the property of The Price Is Right.
  • Why is she propping herself up on a game show’s medical equipment? Because, during her appearance on today’s show, DISASTER STRUCK.


  • According to Drew Carey in the clip at the bottom of this page, Judy injured her right ankle seriously enough during that fall that she required medical attention, and was advised to go to the hospital for x-rays.
  • (Yes, I’m sure this is a liability thing, and a dozen lawyers had a dozen heart attacks and started furiously filling out paperwork to limit the show’s/production company’s/network’s exposure to a potential lawsuit, but just work with me here. My version is more fun.)
  • Despite possibly breaking her ankle during the spin, Judy still managed to get closer to $1.00 than the other contestants, earning a trip to the Showcase Showdown.
  • Instead of leaving the set to get treatment on her painful, swollen lower extremity, Judy had them tape it up and grab her some crutches, and she powered through to the Showdown.

Now, this is where I’d like to tell you that Judy won the Showdown and took home her showcase’s prize package, which included a new computer, a trip to Washington, D.C., and a 2014 Toyota Scion. I would really, really like to tell you that. Sadly, I cannot. Her bid was over $1,000 further from the actual price than her opponent’s. Maybe it was all the endorphins rushing through her system, making her slightly delirious and unable to properly calculate the costs of products and/or travel expenses. Who knows? It’s not important, anyway. What’s important is that Judy didn’t let adversity get her down. She closed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and fought through the pain to chase after something she wanted. We could learn a lot from Judy. We should learn a lot Judy. Judy goes hard.

Point being: You don’t have to get a car from Drew Carey to be a f*cking winner.

Screencap and GIF via @xmasape from Kissing Suzy Kolber

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