Julia Louis-Dreyfus Sent The Most Fitting Birthday Card To Her ‘Veep’ Co-Star Timothy Simons

Timothy Simons plays the beleaguered yet consistently pompous Jonah Ryan on Veep, who might be the most fun to hate and abused television character of all time. Of course in real life, Simons couldn’t be more of a lovely person, and unlike Jonah Ryan, is very much the type of person who receives thoughtful gifts from his coworkers on his birthday.

Like Jonah Ryan, however, when he does receive thoughtful birthday gifts from his coworkers, you better believe the card is made out to “jizzface” (short for “jolly green jizzface, the most iconic Jonah Ryan insult of all time). On the occasion of his 38th birthday, Simons shared on Instagram the card accompanying his gift from Julia Louis-Dreyfus — Selina Meyers herself — from a wine store in his neighborhood.

Man… To have been a fly on the wall for that conversation. And who doesn’t know that “jizzface” is one word? It’s like wine connoisseurs have no appreciation for fine insults.