Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gets Bobby Moynihan His Dream Role On ‘VEEP’

The HBO original series VEEP is perhaps one of the best hidden gems currently on television. Sure, you might say, being on HBO doesn’t exactly make it obscure, but unlike headline grabbing shows like Girls, Game of Thrones and Vinyl, VEEP sort of exists on its own plane of reality. It’s been described as the show that closest resembles what politics in DC is really like, especially when compared with dramas like the West Wing and House of Cards. Personally, I like to imagine that the White House is a pretty goofy place and not the home to some shadowy, smoke-filled room where the fate of the free world is decided by a few dudes and ladies.

Tonight Julia Louis-Dreyfus will show off her comedic chops as the guest host on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live and throughout the week we’ve been getting teasers with VEEP superfan Bobby Moynihan. Well, what happens when Moynihan talks about just how little work that he’s done and how much he loves VEEP? Of course Julia Louis-Dreyfus has to give in, because it’s really, really awkward.

That’s what we have grown to know and love from comedy; really, really awkward moments that remind us of our own, weird lives and those awful moments that we have to suffer through. VEEP returns to the airwaves on April 24th along with some show about mothers of dragons, guys who watch the night and sword dancers, but if you simply can’t wait to get your Julia Louis-Dreyfus quota met you can tune in to SNL tonight.