Julia Louis-Dreyfus Performed An Emmy-Worthy Coffee Shop Meltdown For Jimmy Kimmel

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09.24.13 2 Comments

Fresh off yet another Emmy win (and a top notch, Veep-themed acceptance speech), Julia Louis-Dreyfus popped over to Jimmy Kimmel Live to film a fantastic coffee shop meltdown.

Why? I suspect this was slated to be another one of Kimmel’s staged viral hits — a la The “Worst Twerk Fail EVER” — a clip he was hoping to surreptitiously slip onto the web, only to take a victory lap after the collective Internet bought into it as legitimate footage. Unfortunately, this clip has way too many giveaways, so he playfully wedged it into last night’s show.

Regardless of its origin, Louis-Dreyfus puts on a masterclass in selling the tantrum. Check out the clip below, which Kimmel sets up with a mini-montage of famous YouTube meltdowns that are instantly topped by Louis-Dreyfus. We would expect nothing less from the mouth that gave us “Jolly Green J*zz Face.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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