Julia Louis-Dreyfus Discusses Her Favorite Filthy Lines From ‘Veep,’ Cusses At Jay Leno

04.09.13 18 Comments

We have discussed, on a number of occasions, our great admiration for the river of creative profanity that flows through HBO’s Veep like the mighty Mississippi. (There’s something about calling an underling a “gold-plated sh-t-gibbon” that’s so beautiful it makes our eyes water.) And we’ve also discussed our affinity for the show’s star, Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who, giant nightmare-inducing marketing monstrosities aside, seems like a very fun and pretty lady who we’d like to have a bottle or two of wine with over a raucous, side-splitting dinner.

But, until we can all find time in our very busy schedules to set up said dinner, and ask her lots of questions about filthy cuss words, we’ll have to settle for interviews like this one.

Do you have an absolute favorite line from the show?

Oh, Season 1 … I like the croissant/dildo line. It’s one of my favorites. I think it’s really just — [Laughs] — one hell of a classy line. I think this season — well, there are many coming that you haven’t heard, of course — “Jolly Green Jizzface.” That was pretty fabulous.

Excellent choice, milady.

And speaking of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and cussing, here’s a clip of her playfully calling Jay Leno an asshole on The Tonight Show last night when she figured out he was going to show a clip from her very first film role, 1986’s Troll. The name-calling may have been in good fun, but I’ll take what I can get.

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