Julia Roberts Worried David Letterman Would Think She Wasn’t Too Smart

Rom-com queen Julia Roberts stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman for the 26th time on Wednesday night to visit Dave once more before his final episode on May 20th. Yes, she’s been on the show 26 times and yes, she’s the queen of films otherwise known as romantic comedies.

So what’d the two old friends talk about? Mainly Letterman’s penchant for being annoyed by stupid people. That’s why, as Roberts confesses, she was worried the first time she appeared on Letterman’s Late Night program.

Roberts: I’m going to go on and he’s going to know within 10 seconds what my IQ is. And [he] is going to — like a Samurai — Benihana me into pieces. And I’ll be left for dead and forgotten.

Letterman: Well, I’m not going to dispute this…

It’s a fun conversation to watch, especially when Roberts marches onstage wanting to know what all this “bullsh*t” is about Letterman’s leaving the show next week.

(Via Late Show with David Letterman)