Karl Stefanovic Reigns Triumphant In The Best News Bloopers For The Month Of June

It’s that time again! As we head into a holiday weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July with backyard barbecues, cookouts, hot dogs, and fireworks, let’s say farewell to June with this compilation of the best news bloopers the first month of summer had to offer. June provided some outstanding dick humor related bloopers, including this oddly shaped funnel cloud and phallic sand castle, as well as animal bloopers involving kittens crashing live news reports and STEFANOVIC imitating the world’s ugliest dog around the 5:25 mark.

Let’s face it. It’s not like you were actually going to get anything productive done the Friday afternoon before a three day weekend, so may as well take in 10 minutes of news bloopers. Do it for America.