Just FYI, Richard Simmons Is Running Around New Orleans Doing Richard Simmons Things

This past weekend was a great weekend to be in New Orleans. The weather was perfect, the Boudin, Bourbon and Beer festival attracted some of the world’s best chefs, and the Saints kicked the sh*t out of the Cowboys on national television. Even better, Richard Simmons, who grew up in the area, was in town, being Richard Simmons. What more could you ask for?

I first caught wind of this when a friend who bartends in the Quarter sent me the following text on Saturday night: “Richard Simmons just slapped me on the ass.” Then yesterday Danger emailed me links to some tweets from Simmons, who I didn’t even know was on Twitter. Note the different hair color in each of the photos below…

But my favorite Richard Simmons in NOLA-related tweets didn’t come from Simmons, but rather from the people who had encounters with him…

I’m told that as I write this Simmons is teaching a “Sweatin’ To The Oldies” class somewhere downtown.

He even stars in the new Steve Aoki video. The man is a goddamn national treasure.