Just How Gorgeous Was Jessica Walter Of ‘Archer’ And ‘Arrested Development’ Back In The Day?

At the age of 72, Jessica Walter has the rare distinction of being the edgiest septuagenarian on television: Actings since 1964, Walter has probably never been more famous than she is now, thanks to roles in the zeitgestian Arrested Development and the bonkers Archer. That is pretty goddamn exceptional for a woman who — 50 YEARS AGO — was in the very first episode of Flipper.

Of course, during her career, Walter has won an Emmy award, trained James Caan and Christopher Lloyd, earned a Golden Globe nomination for starring alongside Clint Eastwood (Misty and Me), and provided the voice of Fran Sinclair in Dinosaurs. She’s had a pretty amazing life.

But, to answer the question posed in the headline? Just how hot was Jessica Walter back in the day? Here’s your answer.