‘Justified’: Everyone Is Awesome

Last night while I was playing around on Twitter and watching “Justified,” the inimitable Spencer Hall tweeted, “So the theme for this episode is ‘Everyone is awesome.'” I concur. I concur TO THE FACE. Some relatively spoiler-free highlights:

  • Raylan outsmarting Boyd, then Boyd getting all sneakydevious.
  • Art Mullen pulling an “old guy in the YMCA basketball game” on some weasel punk.
  • Carla Gugino and Raylan Givens whacking people with blackjacks and pulling guns and making SERIOUS do-me faces at each other.
  • Gugino introducing herself as “Agent Goodall” (her married name) and Raylan being like “… Goodall?”, which was a nice inside joke about the fact that she’s clearly reprising her role as Karen Sisco, but they can’t use the name for copyright reasons.
  • Swastika tattoos.
  • The Old Testament > The 4th Amendment (badass television dramas ONLY).
  • Another new bad guy, who, quite frankly, scared me so much that I think a little pee came out.
  • Seriously, though… ART.

Important GIFs after the jump. Feel free to discuss the show in all its spoiler-y goodness in the comments.

Honestly, if I were a criminal, I don’t even think I’d be upset if I opened my door to find Carla Gugino and Timothy Olyphant pointing guns at me. I’d be too turned on to process any emotions.


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