'Justified' Open Thread: Boyd For President

03.14.12 66 Comments
Boyd Crowder is a master strategist and a leader of men. This has never been in doubt. From his role with the white supremacists in the first season, to his religious sect/cult last year, to his current burgeoning criminal enterprise, the man is always in control, and always views the big picture. Skills like that would make him an excellent politician. Never was this on display more than last night, when he stormed the sheriff’s debate and gave a rousing speech that fired up the crowd. It was one part preacher, one part presidential candidate. If not for trivial issues like “being a convicted felon” and “sometimes murdering people” and “having a large, prominent swastika tattoo,” he’d have my vote. Crowder/Gutterson 2016

To the highlights:

  • Ava doin’ what Ava do, y’all. (Necessary GIF after the jump.)
  • Drunken Raylan smooches.
  • “Friends of the marshal” get top shelf liquor? Note to self: Befriend a marshal.
  • Art, summarized: “I’ve had it with your rogue shenanigans, Givens! The mayor’s gonna have my ass for this! I’m takin’ you off the case!”
  • “I’m either gonna put him in prison or in the ground.” !
  • “If that’s the decision you felt you needed to make, I respect that.”
  • Limehouse getting his Karl Rove on.
  • Quarles slandering shoofly pie and dropping some racism.
  • Crazy old dudes and their crazy explosives.
  • Raylan Givens: Television Installation Expert
  • Lady armed robbers = Set It Off = Set It Off soundtrack = An excuse to link to this En Vogue video. I think my math holds up.

As always, GIFs by Chet Manley and a spoiler-laden discussion can be found after the jump. Let’s get into it, kiddies. I have THINGS TO SAY about Ava’s new career.

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