‘Justified’ Season Premiere Promo Pics: Raylan And Champ Kind Are Headed To The Swamp

12.19.13 25 Comments

Here are the first promo pictures from the season premiere of Justified‘s upcoming fifth season. They are notable for a few reasons, which I will now tick off in bullet points:

  • They give us our first glimpse of Michael Rapaport as Daryl Crowe, Jr., the sleeveless-button-up-wearing, gator-farm-owning head of the Florida branch of the Crowe family.
  • They give us our first glimpse of Alicia Witt as Wendy Crowe, the family’s legal counsel, who is actually a paralegal instead of a lawyer, because a crime family using a paralegal family member as their legal representation is just about as Florida as it gets.
  • Hey, that’s David Koechner! What do you think he and Raylan are talking about in that picture up there? I bet he’s telling Raylan they should get an apartment together when whatever they’re up to gets sorted out. This is a reference to a movie titled Anchorman, in which David Koechner plays a sportscaster named Champ Kind. You are welcome for the explanation.
  • Raylan Givens Swamp Attire: jeans, cowboy boots, plaid shirt, skinny tie, cowboy hat.
  • No Boyd Crowder, which, NO.
  • The episode is titled “A Murder of Crowes,” which, YES.

January 7. Tick… tick… tick…

(Via Screencrush, photos via FX)

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