‘Justified’: Takin’ My Kidneys, Layla

Last night’s episode of “Justified” was probably my favorite of the season, not just because it was co-written by our buddy Jon Worley. It featured moments that were creepier than most horror movies, more touching than most rom-coms, and funnier than most comedies, all in under 45 minutes of actual screen time. That’s range. Also, someone got shot THROUGH ANOTHER PERSON, which — to be perfectly clear — is more metal than a Slayer concert in a steel mill. I think that’s important. To the highlights.

  • Crank 3: The Ballad of Dewey Crowe
  • The confirmation of my theory that all men with ponytails are psychopaths.
  • Dr. Blowjob
  • The creation and destruction of Team Layla (unless some of y’all are into that kind of thing).
  • “Granted, she’s a nine-and-a-half and you’re a six, but I figured you’d be good for a grand or so.”
  • Boyd and Ava, you guys. <3 <3 <3 <3
  • “Your kidneys are for pissing!”
  • “You mean I had four kidneys?”
  • An important discussion about literature and regional prejudices between Boyd and Quarles.
  • Winona’s letter, which I seriously doubt said “Hey, I’ve got yoga in the morning. DVR my stories. <3, Nonies”

As always, we’ve got a collection of GIFs from Chet Manley on the next page. Jon Worley will be swinging by in the comments again, so feel free to discuss the show spoilers and all, and ask him any questions you might have. The AV Club and Sepinwall both gave the episode really high marks, understandably so, so maybe also toss him a congrats — for the sick bourbon and literary references if nothing else.

(I am very sorry for the pun in the headline.)

NOTE: This GIF is a delight. I will not be accepting counterarguments.


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