Coach Taylor Is Not Playing Along With The ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie Rumors

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12.06.12 8 Comments

For maybe the last couple of years, whenever someone involved with Friday Night Lights does press for a movie or television show he or she is involved in, he or she will invariably be asked about the possibility of a Friday Night Lights movie. This is what always happens, and quite frequently, the people being asked about these reunion movies will play along, float the possibility, and mention a script idea or what have you because they are smart enough to know that pimping whatever movie they are involved in usually won’t merit a headline on someone’s pop culture blog. It’s a harmless manipulation of the system, and only in rare cases do these movies actually materialize. I’m convinced, in fact, that the fourth season of Arrested Development is only happening so that the cast can get junket journalists off their backs. JUST SHUT UP ALREADY. IT’S HAPPENING. OK? GOD!

Unlike Peter Berg — who has stated that there is a Friday Night Lights script in the works — and Connie Britton, and the other cast members who ferry this rumor along, Kyle Chandler doesn’t really want anything to do with it. In fact, when asked about the possibility of an FNL movie by MTV, Chandler said that he hasn’t read a script, nor has he ever spoken to Peter Berg about such a movie. Truthfully, he doesn’t even think a Friday Night Lights movie is a good idea.

My general attitude about Friday Night Lights is that it was a great movie with Billy Bob. It was a great TV show, and I never had more fun doing anything … I have no interest in a Friday Night Lights movie. iIt ended at exactly the right time, and exactly the right way.

Agreed! Even though, I’d watch the hell out of a Friday Night Lights film, it seems almost impossible that it could improve upon the series. Of course, I also thought that season three ended perfectly and that anything that came after it would never live up to the original cast, and I was wrong. So I could very well be wrong about this, too.

Check out the interview, if you’d like: Chandler also talks a little about Mitt Romney appropriating “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” for his presidential campaign.

(Source: MTV)

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