Justin Timberlake Attempts To Write The Perfect ‘Late Night’ Theme For Seth Meyers

I don’t think anybody would ever call security on Justin Timberlake. He’s probably the type of guy who can walk into any kind of place, even a government building, and just walk on by like Isaac Hayes. So, my suspension of disbelief is put to the test when that happens in Seth Meyers’ cold open, but that’s the only part. I can fully believe he was running around writing themes for each late night TV show, especially Jimmy Fallon. In fact, I’m almost positive that he’d be Jimmy Fallon’s band leader if he didn’t have anything better to do.

Here, he’s selling used goods to Seth Meyers and it doesn’t work. The best is clearly the theme he wrote for Charlie Rose, and PBS should be ashamed that they turned it down. I’m actually debating pulling my funding from my local branch (or something like that).

Is this better than his appearances on The Tonight Show? Definitely. But it is still a long way from his times hosting SNL, falling somewhere in between with a few hits and some misses that are hard to take. It’s all worth it to see that charming Timberlake smile, though. He’s so earnest!

(Via Late Night)