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I don’t like to recap shows, because if you watched it, you already know what happened, and if you missed it, then it’s kind of an “F you” insider-joke thing.  But I can make an exception for “South Park,” because they put their entire episodes online.

Which brings us to last night’s episode (watch it here).  The premise is a joke that blurs the line between “fishsticks” and “fish dicks,” thus making anyone who enjoys fishsticks a gay fish.  Except Kanye West, who of course is too humorless and self-absorbed to get the joke.  And then Carlos Mencia takes credit for coming up with the joke, yadda yadda, and the show wraps with Kanye realizing via autotune singing that he is, indeed, a gay fish.  The payoff:

I liked the part where he made out with a fish.  If it’s good enough for Troy McClure AND Kanye West, it has to be awesome.  **dials sushi restaurant** “Hello?  I’m gonna need a LOT of tuna.”

(video via Best Week Ever)

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