Someone Tried To Pull A Kanye West At The People’s Choice Awards While Referencing Kanye West

For what its worth, The People’s Choice Awards is not the night of must see TV that CBS or anybody else hopes it will be. So when something happens that’s worth watching, the question arises about it being rigged, fake, or created for publicity. Likely true, sure, but this still seems pretty funny. Not only does our fellow choose the ladies from The Talk — CBS’ version of The View — to interrupt, he also manages to drop a reference to Kanye West’s “Facts” in the process.

“Yeezy jumped over the jump man” is what he says, right before Sharon Osbourne decides to boot him in the ass. Sheryl Underwood tells the intruder that he’s not pulling a Steve Harvey on the stage while everybody else just sorta looks on in shock.

If it’s real, it’s confusing. And if it’s fake, it’s also still confusing. But that’s People’s Choice for you. As dumb as awards shows can be from year to year, this is likely the most confusing. And there’s also a reference to Kevin Gates new album in there, which apparently his PR team has already made mention about.

(Via People’s Choice)