Kanye West Is Starting A Twitter War With Jimmy Kimmel

09.26.13 5 years ago 28 Comments

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UPDATE: Jimmy Kimmel Went Through Kanye’s Twitter Assault On Him One Tweet At A Time In His Monologue Last Night

Kanye West is currently going gorillas on talk show host Jimmy Kimmel right now on Twitter, accusing him of everything from “having a weird face” to “not getting enough good p*ssy.” How lovely!

Jimmy has responded, but without nearly the vitriol that Kanye has been spewing (see below).

This is the sketch that Kanye is so angry about:

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And here are the tweets!







And here he is twisting the knife…

  But then…

And perhaps the grand finale…

Here’s how Jimmy responded:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 9.46.30 PM

(h/t: Kanye West)

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