Kate Hudson Talks About Jennifer Aniston Getting Handsy With Her Booty On The Red Carpet

When the situation presents itself, and all parties are comfortable, willing, and have previously engaged in such a behavior that would lead to the act being executed again in a public place – sometimes a butt has to be grabbed amongst friends. Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be grabbed, but a butt being grabbed is still the right thing to do. It’s contextually sensitive, and if you don’t have a Jennifer Aniston to your Kate Hudson, maybe you’ll never understand. Maybe you’ll never have the equivalent of a red carpet butt-grab in your life, but that doesn’t make the butt-grab of your friend something that can’t happen under the right circumstances.

Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson clearly love each other. They’ve risen through the ranks of Hollywood as two sweethearts of the American people, and because of this, they have a kinship. A bond. They grab each other’s butts. They grab each other’s butts under the bright lights and on the biggest stages. To some, this butt-grabbing may be a cultural faux pas, but to others, this is the ultimate show of true faith in someone’s friendship. If you’re so lucky, you too will be able to grab your friend’s butt, free of consequence, and without judgement. These two ladies, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson are the butt-grabbing freedom we all fight for.

(Via Conan)