Kate Mara Would Like ‘House Of Cards’ Fans To Know She Still Uses The Subway

Kate Mara stopped by The Tonight Show to talk Fantastic Four, and Jimmy Fallon managed to bring up THAT House of Cards moment involving Mara in season two. You know the one, if you watched, but Fallon has your back if you didn’t. Nothing is revealed during this tiny interview, except one thing: Mara still uses the subway.

Take that as it is, but I get the feeling that Mara has been asked that quite a bit since the episode premiered on Netflix.

On another note, it’s nice to see that Mara has the brown hair back. The blonde look sorta gave her a ghostly quality, and it sorta made me question if they actually murdered her on American Horror Story. Luckily, they didn’t, and the brown is back. Life can go on as normal, and I can take down my Kate Mara shrine. The Rooney Mara shrine must stay until we get another Dragon Tattoo movie.

(Via The Tonight Show)