Louis C.K. Accidentally Channels Borat On ‘SNL’ And Kate McKinnon Can’t Handle It

Louis C.K. is a writer and stand-up comedian. Actually, that’s selling him short. Louis C.K. is a multi-talented filmmaker and comedian who does as much work behind the camera as in front of it. He’s a philanthropist, a Peabody award winner, a WGA award winner and has an Emmy on his mantle. The man can do it all. He can even make racist animal jokes work.

The one thing he cannot do, is an accent.

Just about every sketch in C.K.’s fourth turn as host on SNL hit and hit hard, but no one could handle his atrocious old-timey accent that eventually devolved into Borat, complete with a “my wife” that left Kate McKinnon clutching at his hand and laughing behind her covered mouth.

Louis was even worse. He looked around wildly as if to tell everyone gathered, “I told you I couldn’t do this and all of you laughing during rehearsals is making this worse. Stop laughing.” It was one of those break moments that wasn’t obnoxious. It was anti-Fallon.

Here we had one of the best hosts of SNL ever doing his damnedest to just get the job done, and no matter how hard he tried, his accent changed at least a half a dozen times in five minutes, leaving everyone giggling and limping to the finish line.

And Louis knew it was awful. That’s why he brought out “the accent” for the goodbyes and cracked up Alec Baldwin and the rest of the cast with his pathetic and wonderful display.