Kate McKinnon Captures The Essence Of Justin Bieber In This Bonus Look At The ‘SNL’ Calvin Klein Parody

The Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ad caused quite a stir when it was released, particularly when SNL took it and handed it to Kate McKinnon to skewer in one of season 40’s best sketches. Even Bieber approved of the gentle ribbing the show gave him at the time, but probably because he didn’t get to see this crotch bouncing extra footage from the sketch.

We’ve already been over how McKinnon plays Bieber so well on the show, so it’s hard not to want to see more of it. And she certainly shines here, bouncing basketballs with her fake junk, grabbing Cecily Strong’s breasts, and just playing Bieber up as a little sh*t (which he probably is, given his track record of public incidents).

All and all, this is well worth a look. It’s actual bonus footage (and some bloopers) that is funny instead of just being the junk you throw on a DVD in order to sell it as “never-before seen.” And this is for free, the best kind of bonus.

(Via NBC)