Kate McKinnon Drops By ‘Ellen’ To Say She’s The Real Ellen

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What is the self? Are any of us truly individuals? Is your blue the same as my blue? Who is Ellen DeGeneres, really? Aren’t we all Ellen DeGeneres, on some level? What about, like, on all levels? These are the existential questions we all pose to ourselves on a regular basis, the queries that keep us up until the wee hours, wondering if Ellen DeGeneres is staring at the same YouTube video of the moon. Kate McKinnon complicated these quandaries even further with her appearance on Ellen this morning. Thanks, Kate.

Ellen began her monologue by introducing McKinnon, explaining that the comedian has been known to do an impression of the talk-show host on SNL. “She does exaggerate,” said Ellen. “She always says, ‘I’m Ellen. I’m Ellen.’ I don’t even say, ‘I’m Ellen.'” Before DeGeneres could plead her flimsy case further, McKinnon showed up, resplendent in the exact same white blazer and white jeans and white shoes and white button-down beneath a periwinkle sweater. “Hi,” she said to the audience. “I’m Ellen.”

After the two argued over who was, in fact, Ellen — McKinnon won — McKinnon proceeded to give DeGeneres’ monologue with DeGeneres standing behind her, providing commentary. McKinnon proceeded to call up clips of “Ellen” from past Ellen episodes, thus pushing the audience straight off a cliff into the Uncanny Valley, from which they would never return.