Kate McKinnon Doesn’t Even Need To Say A Word To Be A Star In This Creepy Nursing Home ‘SNL’ Sketch

Last night was a banner night for Kate McKinnon playing scene stealing seniors on Saturday Night Live. Not only did she bring back cinema star of yesteryear Debette Goldry to take aim at Harvey Weinstein, but we got a delightfully pervy and oddly empowering sketch featuring McKinnon as a (very) sexually liberated senior at a rather open-minded nursing home.

(Side Note: Did anyone else find the audience unusually quiet during this episode? It wasn’t exactly a stone cold classic, but geez Louise did the crowd seem out of it throughout the night.)

Visited by her grandchildren (Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner), McKinnon’s ol’ Grammy seems a bit out of it, but her doctor (host Kumail Nanjiani) is happy to report that’s just because of the penicillin for her Gonorrhea. From there, we begin to learn a lot about Grammy’s sex life, nursing home hook-ups and get to enjoy McKinnon unleashing a twisted horny smile to the horror of her grandchildren. Yes, it’s a real thing that happens in nursing homes.

“Believe me. Nobody’s taking advantage of her, Miss Connor,” explains Nanjiani in hopes of reassuring the upset grandkids. “They’re running a train, but she’s the conductor.”

That’s when this smirk of a nursing home sexual mastermind comes across McKinnon’s face. The whole thing is hilarious and there are some classic lil’ twists, turns and escalations that make the whole sketch worthwhile beyond McKinnon’s scene-stealing. It’s also kinda sweet because this AARP card-holding horndog seems to be having the time of her life even if those grandchildren are hysterical over the news.

Have fun shaking all of this from your memory come Thanksgiving.