Kate McKinnon Admits She Took A Hammer To ‘SNL’ Office Walls To Blow Off Some Steam

Kate McKinnon is already a first ballot SNL Hall of Famer. This is fact. This is law. This is an undeniable truth that should be written in lightning on a stone tablet. If she wants to bust up the walls of the offices of Saturday Night Live with a hammer, Lorne Michaels should be waiting in the shadows with 6-8 options from Home Depot to choose from.

On The Tonight Show, McKinnon admitted to host and fellow decorated SNL type Jimmy Fallon that she did do just that to blow off some steam following what was a very Trump-heavy season of the long-running NBC yuk-em-up. It wasn’t done in a malicious way explained the Rough Night star. It was more like freelance help with SNL‘s upcoming office renovations. Peer pressure was involved.

“We were dancing to a song and there was a hammer in the room,” shared McKinnon. “I grabbed the hammer and one of my writer friends was like, ‘Put a hole in the wall! Put a hole in the wall!’ So I did and I put a hole in the wall. And then they all put a hole in the wall.”

Unfortunately for Kate McKinnon, the “demolition” on their floor wasn’t quite what she thought. We’ll let her explain. Consider this a cautionary tale for all TV stars with wall-piercing tools nearby.