Why Is Kathie Lee So Annoyed At Poor Bill Nye The Science Guy During His ‘Today Show’ Appearance?

Poor Bill Nye is out here on Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda trying to raise awareness around Earth Day for all of our benefit, but he’s given the near-impossible task of navigating an annoyed Kathie Lee in order to do so. Why is this happening? The guy just wants to do some light science and play some wholesome trivia with the gathered fans and family around the studio, what’s wrong with that?

Why, Kathie! Why are you so aggravated?

Maybe the fact that The Science Guy wasted two perfectly good glasses of champagne on an experiment sent Kathie Lee off the deep end? You have to think they’re well-supplied on-set considering the typical white wine spritzers sprees I’ve been told the hosts go on… So I repeat: why is this happening?

The whole segment is a svelte five minutes in length, how could it be running long? You’d think they’d want to milk the giveaways more considering one of them was Kathie Lee’s children’s book that was held by the hands of Melania Trump. I mean, Hoda seems to be enjoying it:

Here are a few possible reasons Kathie Lee is so annoyed:

  • Kathie Lee is a friend of Tucker Carlson
  • Kathie Lee hates large snowflakes
  • Kathie Lee didn’t want to give away her children’s book that was once touched by Melania Trump
  • Kathie Lee can’t believe mountains are closer to space than other areas of the world, not now
  • Kathie Lee doesn’t like Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • The show is running long like Kathie Lee says before Bill starts talking about chlorophyll again

(Via Mashable)