Katie Holmes Is Probably Tired Of You Asking About A ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion

Hate to say it, devotees of Dawson’s Creek, but when it comes to the possibility of a reunion, the leading ingenue from your favorite teen soap isn’t feeling it.

Katie Holmes, whose career was launched thanks to playing high school tomboy Joey Potter on the late ’90s/early-aughts WB show, told the Today show that she doesn’t think it would make sense for Dawson’s Creek to get in on the current TV reboot craze, saying, “I don’t think in today’s world, you could achieve that same kind of feeling.”

“When I look back at the show, it had a certain charm,” Holmes said. “It was before the Internet really took over, it was before iPhones, it was before this kind of new form of communication, and it had this certain feeling that was of the ’90s.”

The ongoing evolution of technology isn’t necessarily a reason one would normally hear for not rebooting a TV show that took place later than, say, the 1950s. Yet Holmes’ stated rationale is probably a little more PC than flat out admitting that she and her fellow castmates Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek and — especially — Michelle Williams have better things to do as they navigate their careers in their 30s than return to a universe they inhabited as teenagers.

Although Van Der Beek probably could use the work, no?

Never mind.

(via EW)