Katy Perry Dressed Like A Naughty Catholic School Girl And Played Taboo On ‘Fallon’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
10.11.13 9 Comments

katy perry taboo

Katy Perry hosts this week’s SNL (she’ll be the bald, dour one to Bruce Willis’s peppy, big-breasted host), so in an act of synergy that would make Jack Donaghy proud, she appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. There’s a lot to like about the two clips below — Katy Perry’s sacrilicious outfit, the fact that people still play Taboo, etc. — but the highlight was the Roots performing “Your Body Is a Wonderland” as Perry’s entrance music.

For those who haven’t read People in a doctor’s waiting room lately, Perry and John Mayer are dating, which means the Roots played a song that Mayer wrote for Jennifer Love Hewitt but now applies to Katy Perry, and I suddenly hate this clip and everything it stands for.



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