‘The Daily Show’ Explains Why Keaton Jones’ Mom Posing With A Confederate Flag Was Not At All ‘Ironic’

Life moves fast, but somehow it moves even faster on the internet, where Keaton Jones found his heartbreaking viral plea for bullies to stop hurting others suddenly the talk of the country. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Chris Evans was reaching out to the Tennessee middle-schooler, giving him messages of hope and reaching out in an effort to show him that life isn’t always going to be schoolyards and bullies. He even got a visit from the Tennessee Titans and an invite to Avengers: Infinity War and a (now frozen) $58,000 GoFundMe.

But, as we know, the internet preserves everything, and sleuths looked into the Keaton Jones’ mom’s Facebook page to find her smiling with a Confederate flag and railing against Black Lives Matter. Many now considered her the bully, just like her son was the bully. With a windfall of cash and what she considers a besmirched name in the balance, Kimberly Jones did some media rounds to explain her side of the story. She called her posing with the Confederate flag “ironic” which makes no sense whatsoever.

As Trevor Noah put it — a black person posing with the Confederate flag would be ironic. Kimberly Jones, someone who publicly ranted against Black Lives Matter, doesn’t seem to understand what irony is.

(Via The Daily Show)