Kenan And Kel Bring Us Back To ‘Good Burger’ During Their ‘Tonight Show’ Reunion

If nostalgia is what you crave in your late night experience, Jimmy Fallon will always be there to catch you in his arms and sweep you away to the past. Take tonight for example, when he managed to get Kenan and Kel back together for a trip back to Good Burger and the heyday of Nickelodeon television. It’s actually a pretty great moment when Kenan and Kel meet face to face again and get a nice round of applause from the crowd.

It’s essentially a perfect All That sketch, with Jimmy Fallon digitally inserted into the fray for some kind of added laugh. The only thing it is missing is Sinbad, maybe Lori Beth Denberg. Still, it’s a nice trip back thanks to the nostalgia force that is The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Where do we go from here? I would guess we could have a Bill & Ted reunion on The Tonight Show? Or perhaps we could get the guys from Perfect Strangers? Or A Clarissa Explains It All sketch with Ferguson back in the limelight?

The best would be the network television reunion for the cast of Salute Your Shorts. I’d tune in to see Donkey Lips play beer pong.

And backstage it seems that the duo decided to keep the reunion going with some more Good Burger jokes, staying in character and then switching characters half way through. I swear, if we get a sequel film out of this, I might just have to watch it. Maybe not in the theater, but probably on TV somewhere, late at night.

(Via The Tonight Show)