Keira Knightley Makes The Best Weird Sex Faces During Bad Sex Scenes

I have to echo the sentiments shared in the comments a few weeks back about The Graham Norton Show. He really does a good job at having guests melt away their worries and feel relaxed. This Keira Knightley/Sam Jackson interview is another fine example as both just seems to ease right into talking about sex and sex on a movie set.

I doubt you’d ever hear a lot of this on The Tonight Show, especially Knightley’s hilarious story from the set of Atonement:

“There’s a scene, we’re having sex up against the bookshelf, as you do. And it’s with the lovely James McAvoy, who’s a friend, he’s really lovely, and it’s always awkward because he’s a friend and that’s always awkward. And we’re in the middle of it and suddenly this voice just goes, ‘Keira! Wank him off!‘”

If it were Jimmy Fallon, they’d end up playing a game of charades and then cartwheel race around the studio. And that works for him, but I’ve never really wanted to see a Jimmy Fallon interview. I like watching Graham Norton interviews at this point.

And what can I add about Sam Jackson. He’s a gem, even if I think he’s overworked. I’m shocked he didn’t jump up and run off to film two commercials during her story. Don’t worry though, Benedict Cumberbatch is there to for the save I’m sure.

(Via The Graham Norton Show)