How Has It Taken This Long For Kelsey Grammer To Dress As Sideshow Bob For Halloween?

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10.30.16 6 Comments

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Kate Hudson’s annual Halloween party has allowed plenty of celebrity costumes to take center stage this weekend, but one now stands about the rest. At least for now.

Kelsey Grammer painted his skin yellow and slapped on a pointy red wig to become Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons for Halloween. It’s something that seems fake until you realize that is really Grammer and he does smile the same way in each photo. And then the questions start to sprout up, like why has it taken this long for Grammer to wear the costume of what is possibly his greatest creation?

He can’t go out as Frasier Crane, unless he grew his hair back a bit and donned a fake beard to travel through time. Without that he’d just be going out as himself in his normal garb — possibly why he was keen on playing the character for so long. Same goes for his character from Boss. So why the delay on the Bob idea? Hell, you could go as Bob every year and people would be delighted. A different look for each appearance. Got a rake? There one year’s costume in the bag. A prison jumpsuit? Another year. All of it is better than dressing up as King Herod or making questionable arguments about abortion.

I’d like to always think of Grammer as either Frasier or Bob and keep the politics to the side. Guy has some talent and can take a fall off a stage like a champ. And this costume is a knockout.

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