Kelsey Grammer Explains How He Ended Up In The Role Of Sideshow Bob On ‘The Simpsons’

Entertainment Writer
06.05.16 2 Comments

Kelsey Grammer has played Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons for a heck of a long time at this point. Nowhere near his 20 years as Frasier across several shows, but he’s coming in at a nice clip as Bart Simpson’s nemesis. So when the man himself decides to share a bit about the character, it’s interesting to see just how much he brought to the role.

Many probably think Grammer didn’t have to do too much to bring Bob to life on the screen. I know I didn’t. If he’d have said, “I just play Frasier,” there wouldn’t be many people out there to disagree. But it turns out he drew from a real person for inspiration, in a story he told on Graham Norton this past week and elaborated a bit on Conan previously.

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