Watch Ken Jeong’s Hypnotic Dance Intro From Last Night’s ‘Conan’

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05.21.13 6 Comments

As you’re all aware Ken Jeong enjoyment has steadily declined over the years, inversely correlated to his number of appearances on screen. As Vince recently and so perfectly put it over at Filmdrunk: “Ken Jeong’s best role is still as the doctor in Knocked Up, before everyone decided he was a human cartoon character.”

His career arc makes him no less of an entertaining late night guest though, as evidenced by his overly long hypnotic intro dance on Conan last night. He actually did a similar version on Fallon last week — Dustin in particular is mesmerized by gyrating Asian men, so he put it on everyone’s radar — but for some reason it wasn’t captured on the Late Night video clips so I didn’t share here.

Regardless of how often Dr. Ken Jeong pulls out his four moves, I recommend watching the first bit of this to kick start your morning. The rest of the clip (mostly explaining the evolution of his dance moves) is pretty swell as well.

Watch your tail, Sam Rockwell. If you can’t get enough Ken Jeong, here he is on how often middle-aged white guys yell, “Toodaloo, Motherf*cker!” at him in public.

And here’s a fun story about how he is not at all big in Korea.

Pointing us towards dance GIFs in the comments is encouraged.

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