Ken Jeong Will Apparently Drop Everything To Star In Anything Related To ‘Community’

When it comes to Community, Ben Chang has been some sort of chaotic lynchpin throughout each season of the show. Each time out — even the weird season where Dan Harmon searched for his soul in the wilds — Chang came at the Greendale group as a different version of himself, something that Ken Jeong doesn’t seem ready to give up.

Variety caught up with Jeong on the set of Dr. Ken and Community seemed to be the topic of choice. According to Jeong, he’d drop anything he had in front of him in order to do ANYTHING related to Greendale community college:

“I will do anything ‘Community’ related. That show was so important to me and I’ve learned so much from Dan Harmon and my fellow castmates about television, and I’ve really become a better actor from that show,” he added. “I’m really setting my hopes on a movie. I really think the stars are aligned to do it. I honestly haven’t heard anything official for a seventh season or a movie, but I’d want to be a part of both. You bet your bottom dollar I’ll be asking. There’s always room for a little Chang in anything.”

That’s dedication folks. Refreshing. Like some morning dew on your face  when you wake up in the yard after a long night out on the town. Put a little Chang in your life, right?

Sadly, Variety notes that the possibility for a seventh season of the show on Yahoo is slim to none, but Sony is having discussions with the online entity in order to explore other possibilities. And there’s always the chance of a Community movie, something that everybody seems to want to do, including Joel McHale according to Jeong. He then offered this little diddy that reminds me of something you’d hear at the end of a Saved By The Bell episode.

“We’re all doing our own projects now. I look at our ‘Community’ universe as expanded. We haven’t broken up. We are the Duran Duran of comedy. We split up, but we’ll always be together,”

Why didn’t they listen to Zack and Screech about that oil well on the football field? WHY!?…

Sorry about that. Got a little carried away. Anyway, lets end this one with a song and hope for the best when it comes to the future of Community. You’ve probably heard this one before:

(Via Variety)