Ken Jeong Sings A Smooth Commodores Classic For Jimmy Fallon

Ken Jeong was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday night in order to promote his ABC sitcom Dr. Ken. He talked about his past as an actual doctor, and about how he started in standup comedy. Fallon showed him some tattoos people have of Jeong’s face. And, of course, Jeong serenaded Fallon with a classic Commodores tune.

Like most Commodores performances, it occurred organically. Jeong was talking about how he first got into performing, and getting laughs, as a kid, including singing the Commodores song “Three Times a Lady” for his schoolmates. It just so happened that Fallon had a microphone nearby, and after some faux protestations, Jeong launched into “Three Times a Lady.”

Jeong actually did a somewhat respectable job crooning the tune, for a comedic actor not known for his singing chops. Then, naturally, Jeong turned his attentions to Fallon, and, in turn, it was Fallon who was once, twice, three times a lady. Fallon joined in on the singing too, obviously. It was an alright bit, although it made good use of an excellent ballad, even if Jeong doesn’t quite have the voice of Lionel Ritchie.

Jeong and fellow guest Kerry Washington also played an oh so rare game with Fallon, although this game, “Famous Face-Off,” seemed to be a new one. People held faces on sticks in front of their faces and had to guess whose face it was based on clues given by their partner. There’s worse ways to spend a few minutes.